Wildlife Around Fort Ngorongoro


Descend into this UNESCO world heritage site, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This is the worlds largest, intact, and unfilled caldera with over 25,000 large animals including the Big Five. Game drives in the Ngorongoro are tremendously rewarding any time of year. This is your best chance of seeing the black rhino and the amazing old bull elephants that come here to die. They feed of the soft vegetation of the springs. Lions also hunt through the day, whenever they get the opportunity, as the days are cool. People speak of different seasons in the crater but all we can see is a change of colour. You will find the crater filled with animals at any time of year be it dusty in the dry season or green in the wet (March-May). The lions are forever hunting, the plains game is forever drifting and the rhino, buffalo and elephants are forever looking for feed and water all inside the crater.

Ndutu Southern Serengeti

A short game drive away, on the Matiti track, Ndutu offers some of the world’s best wilderness moments as the migrants come to these mineral rich short grass plains to calve between December and April. This is the best time of year to view hyenas, cheetah and lions as they feed upon the quarter of a million calves. The Ndutu Marsh has great predator viewing, especially off season when the Marsh Pride takes to killing giraffe, buffalo and whatever else it can find. Game drives in the Ndutu region can be hugely rewarding any time of year. From the verdant green short plains (Dec-May) to the dusty volcanic soil (May-December) one can experience an array of diverse wilderness moments.

Golioni / Naabi

The migrating herds arrive around the Naabi plains in November. The game drive from Naabi to Ndutu is normally hosting some part of the migration till March. You can mix this with other activities like Ol Dupai Museum, Ilkarien Gorge for vultures, Shifting Sands or Nassera Rocks.

Manyara National Park

Descend the great rift valley and visit the Manyara National Park to get your fill of elephants and flamingoes. It used to be famous for lions in trees but then they stopped climbing the yellow fever acacia for some reason. Over the past couple of years they have started to go back up again. We suggest you do the Manyara Game Drive when you visit the Hadzabe, Datoga and Lake Eyasi region.

Serengeti National Park

Pack your bags and do a full day game drive to Serengeti. Have lunch at Seronera and return. It will be a long day and its great fun if you like driving.