Why Us

Because we know Africa. A land of magnificent wilderness. A land of endless horizons where each setting sun merits its own painting. A land blessed by the once warring tribes, slavers, traders, explorers, colonists and white hunters, giving it a unique character of its own. A land seeped in tribal traditions, where the earth is torn apart by cataclysmic forces creating geographical magnificence unparalleled by any other in the world. A land known to mankind since the beginning of life itself.

Because we understand you. As wildlife tourism operators for over three decades, we know your needs in these endless land of wild adventure; raw, savage and yet gentle.

Because we understand the wilderness. We know its ways. We know the seasons and the movement of game.

We know the ways of the Big Five that live in and around the Ngorongoro Crater and over a million animals crisscrossing the Serengit, in the typical the erratic behaviour of the great migration, the grandest wildlife spectacle on earth and the predators that follow them.

Choose us because we took birth amongst the great mountain with snow and greater mountain ranges still, and have lived in the majestic Great Rift Valley with its immense soda lakes, and have roamed the endless savannah and incredible rivers laden with diamonds and gold and know the ways of this land.

We know how to embrace you like sovereigns and make your stay special because we understand royalty like none other. We are the only camp owned and managed by erstwhile royalty in the region.

If you need to be in a world of pristine wilderness ruled by the still superstitious tribal, yet be pampered and spoilt like a child; then at Fort Ngorongoro, we say Karibu!