Other Places

Places of Interest

Apart from the wildlife viewing, there are some amazing places of interest around our camp. You can either drive there or we could arrange a helicopter ride for you to see all these places.

Maasai Bomas – We have maasai manyattas and enkangs that you can visit.

Hadzabe - Spend quality time with the Hadzabe. There are only around 1300 of them left in the world. The Hadzabe are our closest link with genetic Adam.

Hadzabe Village - visit your closest link with genetic Adam. Cousins of the Bushmen, there are only around 1300 of these beautiful people left in the world. The drive takes around half a day and we suggest that you throw in a Manyara game Drive along with it.

Shifting Sands - Just past Ol Dupai Gorge you get a moving black dune of volcanic ash.

Karatu Town - Shopping

Ol Dupai Gorge Museum – founded by Mary Leakey, was designed to house paleoanthropological artefacts from the surrounding area. It is one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world that has helped us understand early human evolution. Homo habilis, probably the first early human species, occupied Olduvai Gorge approximately 1.9 million years ago, followed by Homo erectus 700,000 years later. Homo sapiens, estimated to have emerged roughly 300,000 years ago, is dated to have occupied the site 17,000 years ago. The discovery helped us further understand the cognitive capacities of hominids transitioning to hominin — that is, to human—form and behavior.

Nassera Rock - An interesting place known for its archaeological findings (stone artefacts, bone fragments, shreds of pottery) dating back around 30,000 years. You can also try and find the rock paintings fading with time.

Il’Karien Gorge (Vulture Colony) - A vital nesting site of the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, a stunning place to view vultures.