Fort Ngorongoro

Experience unpretentious luxury in the very last vestiges of a truly wild world. With spectacular views, incredible wildlife, surreal tribes and a charming tented camp, Fort Ngorongoro is Africa personalized, the erstwhile romance of the Raj interwoven into the very fabric of the great African wilderness.

To make your safari unique, we take you back in time to an era when adventurers stuck out into an unknown void, wild and undiscovered, embracing new worlds in their path. First they fortified themselves against warring tribes, then within these fortifications, they built a camp and serviced it fit for a king.

Fort Ngorongoro is such a camp with walls built out of local stones, a flagpole that once promised manumission in the dark bygone era, tented walls, stunning interiors, warm furnishings made of beautiful leather, soft fabrics, zebra skins, chandeliers, gorgeous desks, champagne buckets and more.

Welcome to a world created by erstwhile royalty.

Welcome to a world created just for you. Karibu Hifadhi ya Ngorongoro!