The Fort

"All the water colour perspective paintings of the lodge have been done by local artists. This is in furtherance of our conservation efforts of promoting local art and creating alternate revenues for the local people."

Welcome to Fort Ngorongoro, your private haven set like a forgotten jewel in an endless vastness, nestled inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCAA), Fort Ngorongoro takes you back in time, when the first explorers arrived and built tented camps within fortified walls, to create little worlds of their own. Overlooking both the Ngorongoro highlands and Lake Eyasi, deep in the heart of Tanzania, Fort Ngorongoro boasts of both, the most dramatic views of Africa and access to the grandest wilderness experiences on earth.

The last vestiges of a truly wild world can be experienced here in unpretentious luxury. Staying with us is more than a holiday. This is Africa personalized. This is the erstwhile romance of the Raj interwoven into the very fabric of the great African wilderness.

Experience comfort in the wilds without losing the essence of staying in the bush. Here, service is cloaked in subtle royal nuances, personal and sensitive, showering you with warmth and splendour.

Fort Ngorongoro is ensconced amongst the very best wildlife you will experience. Every drive offers spectacular scenery that changes from the dry rift valley floor, to montane evergreen forests of Ngorongoro and the vast endless plains of Serengeti as you drive past Matiti and embrace infinity. The Ngorongoro Caldera, with its black rhinos, lions, cheetah, leopards, servals, buffaloes and the old bull elephants that come here to die, is a surreal twenty-minute drive. The short grass plains leading to Ndutu are but a half hours game drive taking you into the plains of Matiti where the great wildebeest migration calves in the mineral rich, short grass plains of southern Serengeti.

A stay at the lodge is more than just a wildlife experience. It’s your tryst with Africa in a place where local culture, the people and the wilderness meet on a daily basis and live their life in uncomplicated harmony.


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Valet Service is at your beck and call throughout your stay with us. From packing and unpacking your suitcases, to handling your itinerary, from ordering your favourite beverage to making sure you have clean warm clothes before your safari, the valet and your personal house maid, will take care of your needs. A team of chefs is available to you to cater to different cuisines. We believe food has a story and we would like to tell it through our team.

Your guides are experienced and have been trained by us to try and ensure that you get your dream shots. They will sit with you along with your valet and design your safari. Be it a trek, a cultural visit or game drives, they will be a part and parcel of each moment.

We have learnt our service from the royals and we place all our learnings at your beck and call.