Coat of Arms

Our coat of arms has been designed on our family crest of Bhopal. It depicts the story of how our family ruled with benevolence for over two hundred years.

Vert – a tower encircled by 14 musk blossoms (yellow flowers with gules spots and seeds, in a bordure). A sheath of arrows embraced by the ‘Fort Esirwa’ ribbon cradled in gold and purple lilies. Supporters – Elands - Base - Supported on a bed of lilies clasped in a golden embrace

The tower symbolizes the comfort and security that one would get back home. In such a sensitive eco-biosphere, to the people of the region it stands for righteousness, a spiritual power and vigilance against all that is wrong. The Fort Ngorongoro stands for hope, in a fast changing world, with more challenges than solutions, especially for the Maasai, the towers of the fort stand tall offering present day security and hope for the coming future. Fourteen yellow musk flowers, each encircled by a golden ring enfold the tower – suggest boldness, in the face of adversity and hostility, embracing those that become a part of the Fort Ngorongoro family, in a glow of warmth. The Fort strength & power, standing for valour and bravery. Reminiscent of the Maasai Moran! The yellow musk flowers add a touch of sensitivity, signifying a lost elegance, an inviting and welcoming friendship. The annulet around the flowers being a symbol of continuity, wholeness, and fidelity denoting the bearer of the emblem has royal favor and protection.

Whilst the arrows stand for martial readiness, the three downward facing arrows indicate that they are sheathed. An age old Maasai sign of peace.

The Elands (Esirwa) embody grandeur, elegance, grace and power. It -exudes confidence and portrays. Old jungle saying ‘The eland will down its enemy, at any cost’, embodies peace and harmony, politic and harmonious; its stubby antlers representing strength and fortitude.

Lilies the world over stand for friendship and devotion, wealth and prosperity, white lilies embracing humility, chastity and virtue promising restoration of innocence infinitum.